Single Tooth Expansion Screw: moves the tooth up to 3.5 mm 

Transverse Screw: placed in the arch and can widen it up to 7mm

Sagital Screw: Used when a space is needed between 2 teeth, gives up to 5mm expansion

Arrow Clasps: Made from .028 wire 

C Clasps:

Ball Clasps:

Adams Clasps: 

Helicle Spring: made .018 stainless steel used, generally, to advance a single tooth

Finger Springs: made from .016, .018, or .020 stainless steel, used to treat minor rotations

Book End Springs: A pair of Finger Springs used to treat minor rotations on multiple teeth

Whip Springs: Can be used with an expansion screw. Expanding either cuspid to cuspid or lateral to lateral, it is used to round our crowded anteriors.

Anterior Bite Plane: Used to put pressure on lower anterior teeth or to disocclude posterior teeth 

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