If I have two practices that are billed separately, can I pay with one check?

Unfortunately, no. Our system does not allow us to pay multiple practices with a single check. We understand this can be an inconvenience, the only way we can accept 1 check, is for your practices to be billed together. To help with any confusion, should you choose for the practices to be billed under 1 office, we will write which office it is for under the memo section. Be sure to let us know if you would like to be billed separately or under a single office.  

The same applies to multiple doctors working under a single practice. We can either set up each doctor under their own account to be billed and paid separately, or we set up a single account with the practice name and on each invoice we can notate which doctor it is for. In this case, we request on the RX's, you please write the practice name AND the doctors name in which the appliance is to be fabricated for. This will help us avoid any unnecessary phone calls or confusion.

How do I know when to schedule my patients?

The time in lab begins 1 day after we receive the appliance. Please remember our days in lab do not include weekends or holidays. We recommend scheduling patients 2-3 days after your "DATE NEEDED" that you specify on our prescriptions. This gives protection in the event of any delays. 

Should you request an appliance be returned earlier than our normal turn around times, understand this may incur a rush fee and. if necessary, extra shipping costs. 

Wax Bite:

We never alter the bite relationship in any way. Because of this, the bite should reflect the correct anterior/posterior and vertical position. 

If a case is to be mounted, please be sure the wax bite it in the correct bite to process the case. All splints and functional appliances should have a wax bite sent. 

Before processing the appliance, we will always call your office if we notice anything off with the bite. 

Can I request a special retainer design? 

Of course! M & R knows that sometimes a regular appliance just will not work. We work closely with many of our practices to find different ways of achieving the specified treatment for their patients. We just ask you to please diagram and thoroughly explain the exact requirements. Calling to speak with our technician once we have received the case is also very helpful. The more details the better! 

If you do not see a specific appliance on our website or price list just give us a call. We are always open to new appliances and even modifying appliances to the practices specific requests. 

What does M & R offer at no charge?

M & R offers a variety of items complimentary to our practices! 

  • All shipping boxes
  • Prescriptions

  • Retainer & Functional cups 
  • Mailing labels
Toll Free: 1-800-950-5190 
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