Would you like to stop using traditional alginate impressions? How about become a paperless practice?  

Go Digital! Choose the best 3d dental system that works for your practice, connect with us on Easy Rx, and become alginate free & go paperless at the same time! 

Although taking the leap into digital dentistry years ago may have been an expensive task, today it is becoming more cost efficient and many dentists and orthodontists are glad they took a chance! Everyone has had the patient who cannot take an impression due to their gag reflex. With digital intraoral scanning, this is no longer a problem! Most programs use a wand to scan the inside of the patients mouth and takes around 2 minutes to complete a full mouth scan, using traditional alginate impressions can take from 3-5 minutes per arch! That alone shortens seat time.

Although you can still have distorted scans, we find there are far less issues with digital scans than alginate impressions. The scans are saved as STL files which can be uploaded to the patients file on Easy RX. From the digital prescription, submitted through Easy Rx, we are then able to edit, add a base, and label by engraving each model. We have found that many of our practices enjoy the digital models simple because of the neat labeling. We are able to print beautiful models to fabricate appliances on. We are even able to print study models! Beautifully printed, perfectly edged and labeled, all on the computer! No more white plaster models! 

With printed models, you are able to get a much more precise fabrication. Our printed models are harder to break that the traditional plaster model, which is great, as accidents do happen and teeth can chip during shipping. We have not had any printed model teeth chip during transport.

Going digital even helps cut back on shipping costs! With the traditional impressions or models there is the cost of shipping to our lab as well as returning appliances to your office. With digital dentistry the scans are uploaded straight to Easy Rx, this means the only shipping cost is the return shipping! 

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