Call for appliance fabrication times.

985-871-9893 or 985-871-6672

We know how important it is to have a set date to receive your appliance and we do our best to be timely. All fabrication times given are for amount of days IN LAB and exclude weekends and holidays. The day AFTER we receive the model or impressions with a completed prescription starts day 1. 

Please be aware that we will call if we have questions or concerns on any cases and that until we have all questions or concerns resolved this does delay fabrication time resulting in longer completion dates. We ask that if you receive any notification from us regarding a case to please get back with us as quickly as possible in order for us to be timely with your case. 

We understand sometimes you absolutely need an appliance sooner, life happens! Please call us prior to sending the case to us and discuss with us the rush situation and in most cases we will gladly work with you! Rush fees and extra shipping fees may apply. Calling ahead of time will allow us to go over these fees and avoid "surprises" on your invoices.

Although we do allow the occasional rush appliance, we kindly ask that this be reserved for emergency situations only.

When we are asked to rush an appliance this pushes other cases, including your own, behind schedule. We ask that you consider our other practices as well as our employees and even your own patients when considering rushing an appliance.

Toll Free: 1-800-950-5190 
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