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123 Aligners

Our 123 aligner system features a pay-for-what-you-need rate. Only need 2 trays - Just pay for a setup fee & 2 trays. There is no minimum fee for our 123 Aligner System. 

1. Scan & Alignment

When we receive your scans or impressions, we upload them to our aligner software.        Alignment is complete digitally!                                   

We will follow your instructions to achieve your smile goals.

2. Treatment Plan

We will send a treatment plan, via email, for approval.  Tx plans will explain how many trays, any IPR that is required, and if it requires buttons - Where to place them.

We must receive written approval to begin fabrication.

3. Final Product

Once approved - we will begin fabricating your 123 Aligners.  We fabricate every tray for your patient at one time.                                                                                                     

We send you all the trays for your patient at one time.