Shipping, Scheduling, and RX information

How to

Below are explanations of how to prepare packages for shipping, filling out RX's properly, and scheduling your patients. Please use these as a guide.

Preparing package for shipping:

It is possible to safely pack 4 to 6 small models, reducing shipping fees for each case.

To ensure models arrive intact and damage free, we recommend wrapping each model individually or two models back to back. Please do not wrap models in occlusion!

Proper identification is very important as well as having separate RX's for each case enclosed. Please label the bottom of the models with both patients and Doctor name.

When sending wet impressions, disinfect, wrap in moist napkins and seal in polyethylene bags.

Scheduling patients:

M & R makes every effort to meet the date specified on the RX. We recommend scheduling patients 2-3 days after the expected appliance arrival date, this allows for protection in the event of delays. Please keep in mind, scheduling patients sooner than our usual turn around times will result in rush fees.

Properly fill out RX's:

To ensure that your instructions are properly followed, please fill out RX sheets completely. Writing legibly is extremely important! Also, please be sure to indicate any special instructions or diagram your specifications in the spaces provided.

Our prescriptions have been created to be easily filled out with all the necessary information. Please, give as much as detail and fill in as much info as possible to avoid confusion or questions. If you have discussed the case on the telephone, prior to sending it to us, or if the case is a rush order, indicate this on the RX as well.

A very important part of the RX is the DATE NEEDED. Appliances are scheduled according to this date, as well as our lead time. Please remember the DATE NEEDED is the date we will send the cases back to your office, DO NOT schedule patients on this date. We recommend this date being 2-3 days before your patient is scheduled.